jQuery Migration

Get help migrating your jQuery code to WordPress 5.4 and beyond

Are you using a plugin or theme that is no longer receiving regular updates? Or did you write your own but can’t quite wrap your head around what needs upgrading?

With the introduction of WordPress 5.5, the jQuery Migrate helper was no longer enabled by default, leaving a few sites with JavaScript related issues.

These issues could relate to searches not working, sliders or carousels no longer “sliding”, saving posts or pages might be disrupted. These are the kind of issues a user, novice or not, may find confusing to troubleshoot, and even more complicated to solve.

As WordPress 5.6 upgrades the included version of the jQuery library (it has been using version 1.12.4-wp for quite some time, a custom version with security patches) to version 3.x, these failures may become more prominent for many users.

A temporary solution was provided by the WordPress team through the use of a plugin, the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper, but this was only to prolong the time authors would have to update their code.

With thousands upon thousands of users looking for help through the plugin, it is clear that users need a bit more direct help in moving forward.

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What’s the process like?

There’s a desire for complete transparency on what steps are taken, from the point the code is received, until it is sent back to you. This will hopefully provide some peace of mind regardless of the code being a premium plugin or theme, or one from the WordPress.org directory.

When code is received, a version check is performed, and if an updated version of the code exists, the request will be closed, and a notification sent that you need to try updating your plugins and themes. So please make sure to be up to date before sending a request.

The code is then stored as a fork, deprecated code is looked up and replaced, before the code is returned and the request being closed.

If the plugin or theme offers a public code repository, the updated code will also be submitted in an appropriate manner to the repository as a courtesy.

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What will I receive?

To make this as educational as possible, you will receive a data package in return, including the following:

  • The forked code, compressed and ready to upload directly to your site.
  • A new helper feature, the sole purpose of which is to look for an updated copy of the forked code.

You are urged to update the original code when an update is available, to avoid the need for maintaining two near-identical pieces of code.

There is no continued support after the jQuery code has been migrated for you.

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Submit your files

If you have a plugin or theme that’s using unmaintained code relating to the jQuery upgrade, you can submit it here to have a volunteer look it over and provide a fix for you.

You may not submit full projects, only single plugin or themes that are no longer actively maintained. For larger projects or active subscriptions, please reach out to the respective authors or the agency you use.

Please note that requests are handled first come, first serve. Forked copies may be kept for a period to more easily accommodate others using the same plugins or themes.