What got me into development

Oh no! It’s Clorith, run for cover and don’t bend over! It seems somewhat juvenile now, but this was the most fascinating thing to me, HOW did he do this magical thing, at first I actually believed he had been sitting there waiting for me to join just to write that. My IRC poison of choice is mIRC, now as then, and it comes with its own scripting language (aptly acronymified down to mSL), which lets you customize your experience to the tiniest detail. I took this, I wrote scripts, MANY scripts. I like to think I became very good at them. But in the long run, I wanted more! I wanted to do something cool that others could make use of as well. I started with some flash (actionscript anyone?), but quickly moved away form this as it relied on coldfusion and I didn’t much care for it. So I discovered PHP instead, it let me do anything I set my mind to, and I loved it! So now I have a job where I get to do development, and I have a hobby which lets me develop, all thanks to that one juvenile joke so many years back… and I still chuckle thinking of my excitement that day.]]>


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