How to lose a sale in 1 simple step

TinyMCE and their MoxieManager addon for managing attachments. TinyMCE is well known, but their site was down, which initially (we’ll get back to that) lost them this sale. Yup, keep your site available, that’s definitely on the list, but NOT the one reason I am aiming for today. I then settled on another editor, redactor, who won me over with its simplistic design yet exciting functionality. I was excited about redactor, it would look quite nice in my project, and the cost of it would be covered by work as it’s a work project and we can use it on other projects later on (they had very generous licensing). Since work is paying, I’d be using a work account to make the purchase, until I noticed the checkout process. I’m not against using PayPal, it can be very easy, but when I read their FAQ first about finding the license in your account page, I got worried. I don’t have access to our accounting email address, which is hooked up to our company PayPal account. There was no way to sign up individually and then make a purchase either, so it’s made painfully obvious to me that upon completing a purchase, your login credentials are generated and sent to your PayPal account. I don’t want to jump through 42 hoops to get access to an account to find a license for something I have purchased, I should be able to access it right away, there and then. Now this isn’t saying that I wouldn’t be taken back to a page with a download link and a license code printed on it after completing the purchase, but that’s not a step I was willing to take, I was willing to get the tool for the project right away, guaranteed, so I could keep working. So yes, if you are selling a product online, make it clear how the product is delivered, if the client has to start guessing, they will also start second guessing. I did, and I’ve now gone back to just waiting for the TinyMCE site to come back online, at least I know what I’m getting there, and will instead enjoy a cup of tea as I wait for their server issues to be resolved. (I do hope redactor addresses this, as it looks really good, and I would certainly like to use it for future projects)]]>

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