The new Titanfall

streamed a bit of it), as can be seen below, and I made my self a few thoughts about the game as it stands. My first thought Holy bananas, the controls feel great. No really, REALLY great! In some of the segments you can see me moving quite fluidly through the battlefield scaling buildings and rushing over roofs or through alleyways. I didn’t do too much parkour, only one of the two maps available in this game mode really lends it self to it, and there was just too much fun taking out hostiles and landing big robots for that to be viable there and then. Lag? Not really any noticeable amount of lag. Framerate seemed stable, and ping was “ok” for a stress test period (although I find >100ms to be a bit much, it is acceptable when it was equal across the board for all players). I did have some strange performance drops during the initial drop at times, it seemed fairly inconsistent on when it happened, but it was always during the drop segment, but not on every load, not sure if that was some strange pre-loading of loadouts that could need a bit of optimizing? The fancy auto-locking gun seems like an attempt at lessening the feeling of autoaim that console titles often have (they do have aim helpers, because good luck getting any precision shots in with a controller), but it seems to work well for Titanfall, the lock is relatively easy to break if you get targeted and understand how it functions in regard to distance and obstacles and is definitely my favorite fun in the game (as is probably quite obvious). The Titans are also quite interesting, because people seem to drop them as soon as they can on top of them selves to get in fast. I found that I quite enjoyed moving around the rooftops just by my self, taking on the titans with my rocket launcher, then doing a tactical Titan request on top of the battlefield to tip the weight of battle. There are so many tactical approaches one can take to this, it is great, and I suspect playing this as a team would be even more fun when you customize your loadsouts to have more synergy than a bunch of random people picking whatever has. I was a bit frustrated by the fact that audio was disabled and frame rate tanked if I changed window focus, the frame rate part is common in games today, but the audio bit is usually a configurable option. Give me the option to keep priority on the game when tabbing please, it’s such a shame when the quality drops massively just because I am replying to people outside of the game. Speaking of audio, the musical score is also really good. If gives you that epic battle feeling just like it should, without taking focus away from anything else, it just does its job, and it does it damn well!]]>

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